Twitter is Testing Out Voice DM Feature in a Number of Countries


Twitter has apparently started testing a new voice messaging feature for direct messages on the platform. While the feature is not globally available at the time of writing, it is being rolled out in phases, and at the time of writing, users in Japan, Brazil, and India have started receiving this feature.

Voice DMs are going to allow the users to send voice notes or voice messages via direct messages. A similar feature was introduced last year for those who don't remember, which allowed the users to send voice tweets, but the voice DM feature is new. For those wondering, a voice DM can only be 140 seconds long, and the feature will be available for both iOS and Android users.

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Sending voice DMs is one of the easiest ways. Open the existing conversation in your DMs or start a new one. Please tap on the voice recording icon once to start recording the message, and tap it again to end the recording. The good thing is that you can actually listen to your message before you go ahead and send it. iOS users will also get the option to press and hold the button to start recording a message and swipe up and release the icon to send it right away.

SEnding voice DMs feature is being made available for only Android and iOS users at the time of writing, but if you are using Twitter on your web browser, you can still listen to the messages but not send them. Twitter says that the new feature will give users more ways to express themselves and enable a more human experience for storytellers and listeners.

Twitter is currently focusing on bringing this feature to the markets mentioned above, but we know that this feature is not going to stay limited. The company will be bringing this feature to more markets.

Do you think bringing voice notes to Twitter is a good idea? The company already introduced Fleets, which is Twitter's take on stories.