Twitter Could Soon Start Showing Ads in the Middle of Conversations

Twitter Could Soon Start Showing Ads in the Middle of Conversations
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In an attempt to maximize its revenue, Twitter has announced that it will experiment with a new ad format. Twitter displays ads between tweets as their new experiment, but the company also wants to show them in tweet replies, which I believe people are not going to like.

Twitter Finally Decides to Add Ads Between Their Replied Tweets

The announcement is coming from Twitter's Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falck in a recent tweet. The new format is going to be tested around the world, but only on mobile devices. At the moment, there is no word if the same feature is going to roll out to desktop users, too. The ads are going to appear after the first, third, and eighth replies under a tweet. The new ad format is also different from the existing one because it "aligns incentives for creators and advertisers."  Falck also discussed the possibility of creators receiving a cut from the ad revenue if they decide to opt-in, but he did not reveal many details.

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In the tweet attached above, you can see that the ads are compact, and they blend in really well with the rest of the replies. However, Twitter has claimed that this is just an initial preview, as they are going to experiment with it and are also going to listen to user feedback so they can optimize the overall experience even better.

As per Twitter, there will be a lot of testing over the following months before they finally decide whether they want to roll out the new ad format to everyone. Additionally, the company will also be experimenting with different frequencies, layouts, contextually relevant ads, different insertion points, and so on.

Twitter's decision to add ads between the replies should not surprise anyone, but I am not sure how this is going to sit with the users around the world. I am okay with having ads between replies but do let us know your thoughts about this.

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