Turn Any Webpage into A iOS 8 Notification Center Widget With Glimpse

As far as Apple’s mobile features are concerned, iOS 8 has contributed a lot to show, even though it still remains silent on open source platform. Albeit, there has been a slight relaxation for the inclusion of third party keyboards and Notification Center features. So, one can always consider the Notification center widgets to be not even partially competitive, compared to Androids. However, developers have taken a new step forward and designed an app that enables you to turn any part of the webpage into your very own all-functioning widget. Let’s dig it out for further details.

The Glimpse Makes any Webpage Your Notification Center Widget

The Glimpse app lets you make a webpage your personal Notification Center widget. Just like the Pocket app, that lets you save minor texts and images for later reference, the Glimpse has conquered another level in iOS territory. Recently, we have come across enumerable yet impressive Notification Center widgets but Glimpse seems to be the winner here.

When you set a page to your widgets, it will automatically refresh it so you can see the latest on goings. If you worry about your data plan too much, Glimpse can make adjustments from within the settings of the app. On the contrary, you can allow the Glimpse to only refresh webpages when connected to Wi-Fi, so you can save your data plan completely, it’s this simple.

The Glimpse costs just 2.99$ alone and if you’re a heavy web browser for important and exciting content then every  browsing or surfing session can become handy.

By the look of the app, we would definitely recommend you to try it out on your iPhone as well as your iPad. The iPad screen would do the true justice with display real estate which is fully optimized for your pleasure. Both ways it does a splendid job considering visuals and functions. I can already see it coming to my widget world.

So download it, give it a spin on your iPhone or iPad or any other apple device and do portray your thoughts in the comments section with us. It’s always great and helpful to hear from you.

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