TSMC Confirms Chip Shipments To Huawei Will Continue Normally

Ramish Zafar

Yesterday, British chip designer ARM dropped a virtual bomb on Chinese smartphone, SoC and network equipment vendor Huawei. ARM, whose chips or reference designs are in nearly every smartphone out there announced that its employees would suspend cooperation with Huawei for the time being.

Given the human mind's natural, evolutionary propensity to focus on the negative of every situation, this news spread like wildfire, with folks speculating that Huawei's end is now near. Today we've got a report from Taiwan that confirms the fact that Huawei's current SoC supply will not be affected by ARM's words or US' actions. Take a look below for more details.

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TSMC States That It Will Continue Making Chip Shipments To Huawei And  Weigh On US' Decision To Suspend Shipment Of American Technology To Embattled Company

The implications for ARM banning Huawei from using its chip designs and cores are massive. Should this happen, then Huawei will be forced to design its silicon from the ground up, and ensure that it does not infringe upon ARM's Intellectual Property. This will prove to be a hard task to implement in a short time frame, and during this time, the company will effectively be without processors for its smartphones.

However, Huawei's got a year before any potential action from ARM impacts the company. Its 7nm processors have already been developed, and the SoCs will complete mass production soon. Now, we've got a statement from TSMC that's sure to make Huawei's fans and employees take a sigh of relief.

Huawei Kirin 985

At TSMC's Technology Synopsium 2019, the company's spokesperson Elizabeth Sun confirmed that TSMC's chip shipments to Huawei are not affected by the US' statements. According to her, TSMC will continue supplying chips to Huawei for the time being. At a time when American companies are providing a united front against the Chinese smartphone company, TSMC's statement will come as a welcome breath of fresh air.

TSMC is expected to push the barriers of semiconductor fabrication further than any other company. Its N7+ process will be utilized to manufacture chips for the 2019 iPhone lineup using advanced EUV lithography this year. Next year the fab will move to 5nm processors, as it continues to shrink the semiconductor node.

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