If You Are A Trendy Teacher Looking For Teaching Apps Then Here Is A List Of Some Great Apps To Bring To Your Classroom


We live in a world that no longer believes in staying behind in any way. We want to follow the latest trends, get updated apps, latest styles etc. As the education sector is improving and becoming more and more digitalized, how it is possible that the pioneers of education remain non-stylized. By pioneers I mean our teachers. Many apps are now being made that are designed to aid teachers in their noble journey. Many teaching apps and aids are now making communication with teachers and students very easy. Teachers from all around the world, whether, they are university professors or secondary school teachers, are using these apps. So here is my list of the top teaching apps.

Teaching apps - ClassDojo

This teaching app is an amazing communication app that creates a link between teachers, parents and students. It provides them with a virtual classroom environment. This app is extremely helpful when it comes to keeping parents up to date on students’ progress. Teachers can send alerts to parents and even give feedback to the students. Students can even give the teachers their assignments via this app as well. It is extremely interactive, easy to use and the best part is that it is free for everyone. If you are a teacher who wishes to use this app, just download the app, set up a virtual classroom and ask the parents to join that classroom via their apps. Teachers can then share photos, videos and make announcements with the parents and students via these apps. There will be no more risk of ‘teacher’s notes’ getting lost on the way home. Teachers can talk to the parents via this platform and stay forever updated.

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Teaching apps - Edmodo

This teaching app goes an extra mile. It is absolutely amazing. It provides teachers the ability to connect with their students anytime and anywhere. Students can collaborate with their teachers and turn in their class work and assignments. Teachers can track a student’s progress as well. With this app everyone is able to upload anything including videos, photos, files etc. A built in grade book makes teachers’ life a whole lot easier. Collaborating with parents is also easier with this app. You can even connect with your fellow teachers and design curriculum as you please. This app allows learning beyond the classroom.

Teaching apps - Google Classroom

Anything that has the word Google before it makes things a little more trustworthy. This is yet again another app that provides teachers with a virtual classroom. It is a service that is free for schools, non-profits and basically anyone that has a Google account. It is definitely one of the best apps available in the market. This app will help save a lot of time and paper and promotes teaching outside the school boundary. Students can upload assignments and teachers can mark these assignments using this app. All of the class material can be uploaded and students can view everything on one platform. Announcements and discussions can be generated on this app. To set up the classroom all teachers have to do is add students directly or share a code with the class.

Teaching apps - Remind

Some of you may know that Remind was formerly known as Remind101. This is basically a messaging app that creates effective communication between teachers, students and parents. If you are a teacher who is having trouble with a student; you don’t have to send parents a written note. (Students will definitely throw these away ‘accidentally’). Get this app and send feedback to parents directly. You can send reminders to students about assignments, projects, homework, signing of permission slips, activities, events etc. This app basically creates a platform where everyone gets updated about what goes on in and out of the classroom. This app helps you connect with parents and students in 70 different languages.

Teaching apps - TED

This app is somewhat different from the other apps in the list. I have a good reason for it too. With the help of this app you can get videos on a very wide range of topics whether it is arts or technology. This app has everything. You can explore videos in over 100 different languages, get episodes of TED radio Hour podcast, download video or audio of talks for offline playback etc. You can even create playlists of your favorite videos. You can then share these videos and lectures with your students. In this vibrant educational era it is absolutely essential that students get to listen to speakers from all around the world. Sharing these videos with students can broaden their horizon and create a perspective that is well beyond what is given in books.

These are my favorite teaching apps. Do you know any other teaching app that should make its way to the list? Let us know.