Treat Yourself to a 10W Fast Qi Wireless Charging Stand for Just $11.99

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Having a Qi wireless charging stand around is nothing short of magic. You too can pick one up for just $11.99 today.

Even way before the iPhone joined the party, wireless charging has been nothing short of a blessing. Just place your phone on a designated area and you'll start juicing up immediately, no wires attached. But the best form-factor for this sort of charging has to be a wireless charging stand. Why? Because it keeps your device upright so that you have can have a glance at things whenever you feel like without having to lift your phone up.

Luckily, Choetech makes one such stand too and right now you can pick it up at a discounted price of just $11.99. This stand is Qi certified meaning that it will work with pretty much every iPhone and Android out there (which is Qi compatible too) without any problem at all. It offers up to 10W of power output for Android phones so that you can top up as fast as being plugged into a wall outlet. For iPhone users, there's the usual 7.5W output, which might not be earth-shattering, but it will get the job done.

This wireless charging stand offers two built-in coils, meaning that the larger charging area will cater to devices of all sizes. But there's a cool party trick here as well - thanks to those multiple coils, you can charge your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. In other words, if you wanna charge and catch up to Game of Thrones at the same time, you can totally do that.

Wrapping things up is the fact that this charger has all safeties built right in that ensure that the best possible charging experience. You don't have to worry about overcharging, over-voltage, over-temperature etc. It's a perfectly safe and compatible product, something which many out there can't claim to be at all.

If you are interested, you can pick up the Qi wireless charging stand from Choetech from the link below. Remember to enter the special discount code at checkout to bring the price down to just $11.99.

Buy CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Stand - Was $16, now just $11.99 using special discount code LZTVD9NI

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