Trans-Galactic Tournament- Sci-Fi MOBA Adventure Launches Open Beta For PS4


MOBA's seems to have began life as a fantasy affair, but a few entrants are taking it to the science fiction realm. KizStudios is adding a bit more flair, with a focus on extreme frenzied combat with Trans-Galactic Tournament.

Trans-Galactic Tournament hits open beta on the PS4 with a lot of different game modes.

Trans-Galactic Tournament lets you choose your Champion and dive into the frenzied multiplayer arenas available inside. Trans-Galactic Tournament is launching today in a free open beta exclusively on the PS4. There are 10 uniquely awesome champions, 100 different power-ups and six positively exquisite arenas designed to challenge your skills as your team battles to overwhelm the enemy team across three different gameplay modes.

Trans-Galactic Tournament is a 4v4 team strategy and frantic MOBA action game. There are three modes that you can play, all very different. Plunderball is Capture-the-Flag that's reminiscent of Thunderdome from Mad Max. Conquest is a very nifty evolution of the king-of-the-hill concept, where the challenge isn’t capturing anything, it’s keeping them. Finally there's Annihilation, the true test of your mettle.

Not only is there non-stop action in Trans-Galactic  Tournament, but the way in which you go about it is pretty cool too. It takes the MOBA to a new non-point and click level. A well-timed attack can blast an opponent over a ravine for a one-hit kill, and you can use parkour to leap over obstacles with well-timed jumps, or even use opponents as platforms to reach shortcuts. Also great is that there’s no in-match leveling. Instead,  your Champions are customized outside of battle to suit your unique play style.

Head on over to the PSN now to download the open beta for free.