Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Reveals a Ton of New Boarders, Pre-Orders Open Now

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 will include many legendary skaters, but a lot of new stars have emerged since these games first came out in the late 90s/early 2000s, and so, Activision’s remake will be welcoming some additional names to the skate park. These include Lizzie Armato, Nyjah Huston, and even Tony’s son, Riley Hawk (I suppose we’ll forgive the nepotism). Check some of them out in action, below.

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Here’s a rundown of the new faces you’ll see in the game:

  • Lizzie Armanto - Straight out of Santa Monica, California, this Finnish American dual citizen is a regular-footed park skater who was previously labelled as “Tony Hawk’s protégé.” Armanto, 27, is a barrier breaker in the sport, winning the first ever Skateboard Park X Games Gold Medal in 2013, and appearing as the first female cover athlete on TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine.
  • Leo Baker - Leo Baker is a goofy-footed street skater from Covina, California about 22 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. An X Games Street Gold Medalist, this 28-year-old is one of the LGBTQ+’s most prominent voices within the skateboarding community.
  • Leticia Bufoni - A native of São Paulo, Brazil, 27-year-old Leticia Bufoni is a goofy-footed street skater and is an influential female competitor in international sports. She has won Gold Medals in five X Games Street competitions.
  • Riley Hawk - Who is Riley Hawk? If you said, “Tony Hawk’s son,” you’d be right, but would also be discounting a talented goofy-footed street skater who is carving his own path after being named Skateboarder Magazine’s Amateur of the Year in 2013. Despite reconstructive surgeries on both his ankles – career-ending for most skaters – he’s still shredding in and out of the skatepark, being the frontman for his own rock band and founding a coffee house record store hybrid.
  • Nyjah Huston - Deemed “The X-Factor” by ESPN Magazine as the pro-skater who will change the course of the sport over the next decade, pro street skateboarding phenom Nyjah Huston (25, Laguna Beach, CA) has lived up to the hype, dominating street skating for the past decade. Winning six Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Super Crowns (including 2017-18-19), 12 X Games gold medals and the “Best Male Action Sports Athlete” award at the 2013, 2014 and 2019 ESPY Awards, he remains the face of skateboarding worldwide.
  • Tyshawn Jones - Born on the isle of Manhattan and raised in the Bronx as well as New Jersey, 21-year-old Tyshawn Jones was named Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 2018. He has more than a few memorable video parts to his name, including the groundbreaking “Blessed” film.
  • Aori Nishimura - The youngest newcomer hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Aori Nishimura is an 18-year-old skating prodigy who was the first Japanese-born competitor to win an X Games Street Gold medal. She is one of Japan’s brightest prospects and professionals in skateboarding and is now appearing in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2, whose original versions were out before she was even born!
  • Shane O’Neill - Sponsored since age 14, Melbourne, Australia’s very own Shane O’Neill is a 30-year-old pro skateboarder who has earned victories at Tampa Pro and various SLS events around the world. An active skater and gamer, Shane was inspired by the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games growing up and learned some of his own tricks and combos by playing the games themselves!

Pre-orders for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 are open now, and those that reserve the game can play the Warehouse demo on August 14.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 rolls onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on September 4.

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