Tired of 2D book reading? Get 3D with Google!

Are you tired of reading books without glasses? (3D Glasses) well why not make things more exciting by getting Google Books in super awesome remastered 3D? Are you already wearing reading glasses? you can just add Glazed Paper to your glasses and your all set. Although I don't see the point of seeing words in 3D I have no idea why Google would integrate such a weird feature. I prefer my letters staying inside the books and not making me wear glasses against my will.

Although the idea is very unique I don't see it being very popular in case you want to see a book in 3D simply just add &edge=3d to the book's URL (Note: be sure to add this parameter before the # in the URL)." and watch your book become a color mess without the aid of 3D glasses.

Don't know why Google made this from the start but again It's Google their trademark is making the unique.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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