TikTok is Headed to Tesla in an Upcoming Holiday Update

Furqan Shahid
TikTok is Headed to Tesla in an Upcoming Holiday Update
Credits: Unsplash/Bram Van Oost

The release notes for the upcoming Tesla holiday software update have just leaked online. The software version 2021.44.25 will bring a number of changes and the funniest of them is going to be Sonic the Hedgehog, TikTok, along with other improvements. The update looks like it is going to be a big one and will have around 15 changes along with new features.

New Tesla Holiday Update is Going to be Big and Full of Features

However, the most interesting one for us is the inclusion of TikTok that is finally making its way to the app. Seems like you will never really be bored when you are cruising around the city, and if you are looking for some fun videos, TikTok is there to keep you entertained.

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The new update will allow you to watch TikTok from your touch screen. You will just have to tap the Theater icon from the bottom bar and then select TikTok while your car is in park. Of course, this is definitely an interesting feature that a lot of people will be using.

However, this big holiday update for Tesla does not just end at TikTok coming to the car. There are a number of other changes that are coming that I am going to describe below.

  • Light Show: Makes your Tesla dance to choreographed light show any time of the year. Can be used from Toybox.
  • Customizable App Launcher: Allows you to drag and drop your favorite apps to any position along the bottom menu bar.
  • Simplified Controls: The Tesla now has a simplified display that allows you to focus on navigation, media, and most common primary controls.
  • Blind Spot Camera: Users can now automatically see a live camera view of their blind spot whenever they activate the turn signal.
  • Edit Waypoints: You will now be able to add multiple destinations to your route with updated arrival times.

These are just some of the updates the new changes that are coming with the upcoming Tesla holiday update. We are sure that you are going to get more, you can read all about these changes here.

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