TikTok Introduces New Safety Features and More Live Guests

Furqan Shahid
TikTok Introduces New Safety Features and More Live Guests

TikTok is certainly not one of those companies that rest after being praised and decide not to do anything new. The company has been hard at work ensuring that there are new features that are coming to the app to improve the quality of life and the overall user experience.

TikTok Has Decided to Make the Platform Much Safer and Much Better for Everyone

We all know that TikTok is loved because of the short-form videos and why shouldn't one love those videos, they are addictive, and sometimes, educational as well. The best thing is that the service is still primed with some advanced features such as giving the ability to live stream events, live sessions, and more. Yes, interacting with your audience one on one is always better but TikTok has added a new feature that will let you invite a guest, well, up to five guests at the same time.

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Additionally, TikTok is always looking to make sure that the live stream platform is better and in its efforts to protect the younger generation, the service will start asking you to be at least 18 years of age or older before you can start a live stream. Previously, you could just go ahead and start one if you were 16 but starting from November 23rd, this will change. Creators will also get the chance to have more granular control of their content when going live. Creators will also be able to choose their intended audience, so it is always better.

Moving further, TikTok creators will have the chance to use keyword filtering even more so than before because the service will be giving you reminders and telling you about the new keywords that the creator might choose to remove or filter. A small feature indeed, but something packed with a lot of features that would make a difference.

Another thing here is that users will now have the option to dislike the comments. If you see a comment and think that it is not right or appropriate, you can just go ahead and dislike it. There are a lot of other features that are currently being tested or already have been introduced, and it is safe to say that in terms of the overall functionality, TikTok is definitely going places, and you can read more about it here.

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