This Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Router Promises 1200 Square Feet of Coverage with Rock Solid Stability, Costs Just $49.99 Today


Netgear's R6230 Wi-Fi router with up to 1200Mbps speeds is currently available to buy for just $49.99. Save $25 instantly with this deal.

Netgear AC1200 R6230 Wi-Fi Router Available for Just $49.99 Today

Having a great Wi-Fi router makes a world of difference on how you surf the web. The router which your ISP gave you is mediocre at best and this option from Netgear aims to improve things by a huge margin thanks to its dual-band capabilities and top speeds of up to 1200Mbps.

Buy NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router (R6230) - AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Speed (Up to 1200 Mbps) - Was $74.99, now just $49.99

Thanks to its multiple powerful antennas, you can expect this Wi-Fi router to cover up to 1200 square feet with utmost ease. If you have a small to medium sized home, this router will offer the best in class coverage.

The R6230 offers speeds of up to 1200Mbps, which means your devices get a lot of breathing room for streaming, social media and more. If you have been experiencing bottlenecks in the past, this router will take care of that thanks to its wider pipes.

With four Gigabit Ethernet ports at the back, you can hardwire devices directly to the internet. This includes stuff like your set top box, PlayStation, Xbox, television and more. This is perfect for buffer-free streaming and access to services.

Last but not the least, there are two USB ports on this router, allowing you to connect storage devices or printers for everyone to access.