This iPhone App Lets You Navigate to the Place Where the Photo was Taken Using the Service of Your Choice, Currently Free [$0.99 Value]


Navigate to Photo is a super handy app for the iPhone. It usually costs $0.99 and is currently free for a limited period of time.

Navigate to Where Your Photo was Taken Using the Mapping Service of Your Choice Using this $0.99 App that is Currently Free on App Store

Snapping photos is a super fun and rather easy task. Just find what you like and snap it up. But, there will come a time when you want to relive a memory in a more hands-on fashion. For example, you are looking at a photo and think to yourself "maybe we should go back here again." But where exactly was that photo taken? Not only you can see it on the map, but an app named Navigate to Photo will actually navigate you to the place, using the mapping service of your choice.

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Navigate to Photo is a convenient way to navigate to any photo taken with location data, with your favorite navigation app, from any app using iOS built-in share sheet!

Just pick up to 5 photos within the Photos app, tap share and choose 'Navigate to Photo'.

Want to visit that nice place you've been to last week, but don't remember how to get there? It's not a problem anymore with Navigate to Photo!

The way the app works is super simple. First of all, you need to install it from the App Store, currently free as well. Once installed, just launch the Photos app, choose the photo to which you want to navigate to, tap on the Share Sheet icon, then select Navigate to Photo. You'll get a list of options on how to reach the photo destination, including Google Maps, Apple Maps or you can even call in a Lyft ride.

The app usually costs $0.99 but it is currently free on the App Store. It is one of those apps which you download 'just in case.'

Download Navigate to Photos for iPhone [App Store link]