This Bluetooth Speaker Sounds Great and Costs Just $18.59 Today

Uzair Ghani
Bluetooth speaker available for just $18.59.

Looking for a very cheap but really good Bluetooth speaker? Oontz has you covered and it will only cost you $18.59.

Oontz Bluetooth Speaker with 100 Feet Range, Powerful 10 Watt Driver and 14 Hour Battery Life is Just $18.59 Right Now

This deal does not require any special discount code or any on-page coupon. But it does require you to be super quick since this is a limited time deal which will end without any sort of prior indication.

Buy OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Golf Edition Bluetooth Speaker - Was $29.99, now just $18.59

For $29.99, the Oontz Angle 3 is a very good Bluetooth speaker. But, for a limited time, you only have to pay $18.59 which is dirt cheap for something that blasts out audio at high volumes, that too with decent bass.

Thanks to its 10 watt drivers, this thing is extremely loud. Oontz promises that you won’t hear any distortion even at high volumes which is nothing but great news for those who love using such a speaker at parties.

Speaking of parties, this speaker is water-resistant and ready for use at a pool party. And thanks to its powerful Bluetooth credentials, you can connect your device and be 100 feet away from this speaker and still keep on playing your tunes.

Last but not the least, this speaker features long battery life, allowing you to keep on playing your tunes for the entire day.

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