This Apple Watch App Can Detect if Your Body is Fighting a Virus


The Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor recently got updated with a feature that allows it to detect whether your body is fighting a virus or not.

Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor for Apple Watch Will Check for Elevated Heart Rate During Sleep, Indicating Your Body Fighting a Virus

On its own, the Apple Watch is a wonderful little device that can tell you a lot of things about your body, especially when it comes to heart-rate and fitness. Pair the wearable with a bunch of apps from the App Store and you will be treated to data that goes a mile further. For example, the Cardiogram app for Apple Watch, which was just recently updated, can actually tell you if your body is fighting a virus, including flu.

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The way it detects whether or not your body is fighting a virus is actually pretty simple. When you're asleep, your body will release histamines into your blood to fight a virus, and to get that histamine around your entire body, the heart has to pump blood slightly faster. Provided you have the Cardiogram app up and running, it can take these readings in your sleep, ultimately giving you an insight if you are carrying a virus thanks to the elevated heart-rate data handy.

Cardiogram can detect flu-like symptoms while you sleep

•Does your heart rate during sleep change when you have the flu?
•Do you have more heart rate spikes when you’re stressed?
•How does your heart rate during a good night’s sleep compare with a restless night?
•What happens to your resting heart rate when you drink alcohol?

Cardiogram is a personal heart rate diary that can help you answer these questions and help you understand what your heart is telling you.

Please note that this app will not tell you exactly what sort of virus you are carrying. It will only tell you whether your body is currently inhibited by a virus or not. You will need to see a proper doctor for a detailed diagnoses. But using this app, you can get a great leg-up into what is happening with you.

The Cardiogram app is free to download and will cost you $24.99 on an yearly basis to have all the premium features up and running. If you treat your body like a temple and want to keep deep insights about everything whether you are asleep or awake, this is the app you should invest in.

Download Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone / Apple Watch [App Store link]