This 27W USB-C Charger From AUKEY Costs Just $13 Today

Anker’s 27W USB-C charger on sale today

AUKEY is allowing everyone to pick up a 27W USB-C Charger for an amazingly low price of just $13. This charger is perfect for devices like the iPhone, iPad or even the new Galaxy S20.

Charge Your Phone or Tablet at Full Speed with this Discounted 27W Wall Charger from AUKEY

There was a time when USB-C chargers were pretty expensive. But companies like Anker and AUKEY have jumped into the scene and have made sure that everyone is able to afford a high quality USB-C charger without breaking the wallet. Today, AUKEY is coming in hot with its 27W wall charger that can charge an iPhone or iPad at full speed. But that’s not all, if you have a device like the Galaxy S20 or S20 Ultra, you can expect some insanely quick charge times as well.

Thanks to this charger’s powerful output, you can even charge up a MacBook Air with it. In fact, you can charge up a MacBook Pro with this tiny beast too. Just don’t expect crazy fast top up times. Nintendo Switch users can juice up their console at full speed too. All for just $13, isn’t that amazing? Of course it is.

Since this is an AUKEY product therefore you can expect some AUKEY stuff from it too such as protection against over-charging, over-voltage, overheating and much more. If you have an AUKEY product at home, you are in safe hands.

If you are interested in this product, grab it from the link below. Make sure to enter the discount code at checkout in order to bring the price down to just $13.

Buy AUKEY USB-C Charger with 27W Power Delivery 3.0 - Was $27.99, now just $13 using discount code UX5NL32A.

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