The Witcher 3 Sales Up Over 500% Year-on-Year in Wake of Netflix Series and Switch Release

The Witcher 3

The good times just keep on rolling for CD Projekt Red’s acclaimed RPG The Witcher 3. The game has proven to be remarkably resilient, selling over 20 million copies as of this past summer, but, as we’ve reported, the game has received an additional boost in recent months from a surprisingly-solid Nintendo Switch port and the release of the Netflix Witcher TV series.

So just how much has Netflix and the Nintendo Switch moved the needle for The Witcher 3? Quite a lot it seems. According to the NPD Group US sales of The Witcher 3 were up a whopping 554 percent in December 2019 compared to the same month the previous year. The Switch accounted for most of this increase, although even without the Switch port, The Witcher 3 sales were up 63 percent year-on-year in December. Seems like a whole lot of people got the gift of Geralt this past holiday season!

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The folks at NPD also have some interesting stats about Netflix’s The Witcher series – apparently the first episode was watched by 19 million people in its initial week, more than the 17.5 million people who watched the first episode of Netflix’s other big 2019 series debut, The Umbrella Academy. The Witcher also has an above-average “completion rate,” as 75 percent of people who start an episode of the show watched at least 90 percent of it. The success of The Witcher TV series also boosted sales of the original books, which were up 562 percent following the show’s release. So yeah, The Witcher is a big hit, and CD Projekt are probably going to continue racking up healthy sales for some time to come.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You can keep up with Wccftech’s latest coverage of the game, including new mods, Switch updates, and more, right here.

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