The Witcher 3 Redux Mod 2.6 Update Brings New Critical Effect, Redesigned Yrden Skill, Decoctions and More

Francesco De Meo
The Witcher 3

A new version of The Witcher 3 Redux overhaul mod has been released online, introducing new features and gameplay tweaks to the game.

The 2.6 update brings a new critical effect, Drain, which lowers Geralt's Sign intensity every time it is applied. The Yrden Skill "Supercharged Glyphs" has also been redesigned, and so have a couple of decoctions.

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  • New Critical Effect - "Drain". Basically the magic equivalent of Fatigue. Lowers Geralt's Sign Intensity each time it is applied. See below for more details.
  • Redesigned Yrden Skill "Supercharged Glyphs". Casting a sign while standing in a glyph greatly amplifies the sign's effects. See below for specific details.
  • Redesigned Leshen Decoction - Yrden Slowdown effect is increased by 10% (modified version of the old "Supercharged Glyphs" ability).
  • Redesigned Noonwraith Decoction - Increases Sign Intensity by 1% for every enemy killed.
  • Increased Yrden slowdown cap from 45% to 50%

The Witcher 3 Redux 2.6 also introduces tweaks to Grandmaster Griffin gear, the Burning critical effect, and more.

  • Lowered Grandmaster Griffin Gear 6/6 Sign Intensity Bonus from 100% to 50% and removed 20% damage reduction.
  • Lowered Morvudd's (fiend from Contract: Missing Son) regen from 2%/sec to 0.8%/sec, essence/health bonus from +80% to +40% and changed his 30% Poison DoT resistance to 30% Bleeding DoT resistance. His stats were too high after the patch that added additive resistances to the Poison Critical Effect
  • Reworked Burning Critical Effect - "Pyromaniac" skill damage boost no longer applies to burning but burning duration nerf decreased from -60% to -40%
  • Casting Quen no longer removes the Bleeding or Burning critical effect (it still provides immunity though)
  • Casting Aard Sweep (Alternate Aard) will remove the burning effect from Geralt.
  • White Raffard's Decoction will remove the Bleeding effect from Geralt.
  • (DL)v1.2 - Removed Descriptive Levels from Vesemir during the tutorial and the "Devil by the Well" (Prologue Noonwraith

The Witcher 3 Redux is among the most interesting gameplay mods released for the role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red. The mod changes the gameplay so that it feels more realistic and lore-friendly, with a renewed focus on preparation.

This mod can be considered a "light" gameplay overhaul as it doesn't fundamentally change the gameplay mechanics, but still makes enough major changes to be considered more than just gameplay enhancements. Its main purpose is to make the gameplay feel more realistic and lore friendly where preparation is key. After all, a witcher with no potions is half a witcher. It also attempts to stretch out the levelling elements across both expansions and overhauls the skill system, so you're not wasting skill points after level 30 just to unlock the later skill tiers in the other trees. The changes are of course subjective but I think they make the minute to minute gameplay more interesting.

The Witcher 3 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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