The WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drive Series Is Currently On Sale At Amazon

If you are looking to add more storage to your PC system, but sadly there are no more internal slots to hold an HDD or an SDD, then you may want to look at the deal currently going on at Amazon. This deal takes up to 36% off on the WD Elements Desktop Hard drive series. This series has a discount running on the 4 TB, the 6 TB, the 8 TB, and the 12 TB, while the 3 TB, the 10 TB, and the 14 TB don't currently have a discount running on them.

The WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drive series is currently on sale at Amazon for up to 36% off the typical price, making these drives an even better value

The WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drive series has a lot of features like USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) and USB 2.0 compatibility, WD Quality, High Capacity, and Compact Design, and Plug-and-play which has been formatted for Windows. The WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drive series features compatibility with USB 3.0 devices, which allow for up 5 GB/s while these drives feature compatibility with 480 MB/s USB 2.0 devices. The support for 5 GB/s enables this drive to easily support large file transfers without taking a substantial performance hit. The fast transfer speeds are perfect due to the higher capacity that these drives offer.

These drives all have the same design, and the design is a sleek yet compact, which makes it a perfect addition for any PC or even for consoles. The front features an all-black design with a white LED to show that this device is on. The back and the top of this feature vents to allow this external HDD to stay completely cool even during more massive file transfers.


While these drives are initially formatted in NTFS and offer compatibility with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, but can be easily reformatted to support macOS or for virtually any console.

The WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drive series is currently on sale at Amazon. The 4 TB model is 34% off the initial price costing just $84.99. Sadly this model is going to be back in stock on April 27th. The 6 TB model is 36% off and costs just $121.70, which is a much better value when compared to the typical cost of $189.99. The 8TB model only takes 19% off the standard price of $179.99, and this external HDD is currently priced at $144.99. The final external HDD, which has a discount attached to it, is the 12 TB external HDD, and this has a discount of 14%, making this drive cost $215.45.

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