The Updated Steam Mobile App is Finally Here, Letting You Activate Remote Downloads

Furqan Shahid
The Updated Steam App is Finally Here for All Mobile Users

For all PC gamers, Steam is the quintessential storefront that we have been using for the longest time possible. Despite all the good things about the platform, the one thing that always sucked was the mobile app that looked like it was developed in the stone age. Well, after putting the app's new interface through beta for a good chunk of time, the platform is finally rolling out the major refresh across every device.

The Steam Mobile App Finally Gets a Modern Makeover with Quality of Life Changes and Features

The company has completely revamped the new Steam Mobile app; this means you are getting a new framework, design, and features. Users will still be able to browse the store, use Steam Guard codes, and confirm trades. However, you now have QR code scanning for sign-ins, smarter notifications, customizable tabs, and a new Library view with remote downloads, which is one of the smartest inclusion.

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You can look at all the features of the new Steam Mobile app below:

  • Two-factor authentication to ensure you’re the only one with access to your account
  • QR code sign-in - Scan a QR code to sign into Steam instead of entering a password or…
  • Sign-in confirmation - Confirm your regular Steam sign-ins with a simple “approve” or “deny”
  • Authorized Devices - Manage access to the devices your account has signed in
  • Easy access to the Store, Community, News, etc., from wherever you are
  • Your Library with access to your game content, discussions, guides, support, and more
  • Remote download of games and updates on your PC, managed from your phone
  • Customizable Steam notifications: wishlist, sales, comments, trades, discussions, friend requests, and more
  • Trade and Market confirmations – to ensure items don’t leave your account without your approval
  • An improved Store browsing experience for mobile screens
  • Support for using multiple Steam accounts in the app
  • Customizable tabs

For those interested, you can download the app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The new Steam Mobile app also includes a QR code sign-in, something that we all are familiar with. The sign-in does rely on 2FA credentials stored on your phone and allows for easier sign-ins. If you want, you can still use the traditional sign-in methods, too.

The Steam Chat app is also getting updates, with Android devices receiving the update today and iOS in the future.

The company has also talked about how it is going to be bringing a QR sign to Steam Deck, adding new notification types, and bringing the Authorized Devices list to Steam Client and browser.

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