The SK Hynix Gold SSD 1 TB SSD Is Available For Just $105.99 US

Evan Federowicz

SL Hynix Gold SSD lineup is discounted by up to 37% at Amazon with the 1 TB model going for a price of $105.99 US which is great for a terabyte of space on an SSD. These SSDs have a five-year warranty, a perfect upgrade for PC builders, and PC upgrade enthusiasts.

The high-end SK Hynix Gold SSDs lineup Offers a 1TB SSD for Just $105.99!

These drives are part of the SuperCore series, which offer a premium upgrade from Korea's semiconductor powerhouse SK Hynix, bringing a good combination of speed, quality, and reliability to anyone looking to either build or upgrade their PC. The built-in speed advantage is due to the in-house 3D NAND, controller and DRAM deliver the top-tier read / write speeds.

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These drives have great reliability with 1.5 million hours MTBF and 600 Terabytes Written are unsurpassed among SSD manufacturers. This reliability makes these drives perfect for Gamers and Content Creators. While the SATA connection still limits these drives, these SK Hynix Gold SSD lineup is faster than an HDD, having read speeds up to 560 MB per second, and sequential write speeds up to 525 MB per second, which can work as your primary boot drive or a store your game library.


SK Hynix offers three different models, a 250GB model, a 500GB model, and a 1TB model. The 250GB model is perfect for a boot drive. The 250GB currently costs just $37.99, which is 24% off the original price of $49.99. The 500GB drive offers an excellent middle ground between price-to-capacity, the 500GB drive costs just $53.99 when it initially price of $85.99. This drive is discounted the highest among three drives, being discounted by 37% off.

The 1 TB SSD is a perfect mass storage drive, and this drive offers the highest capacity, which is perfect for your media/game library. This mass storage, along with the five-year warranty, makes this usually $139.99 SSD worth that price, but right now, this drive is discounted by 24% on Amazon bringing the cost of this drive down to just $105.99. I would suggest any of these drives, offering a fantastic deal taking up to 37% off the initial price, and still offering amazing overall performance!

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