The Outer Worlds New Mod Introduces Graphics Tweaks And More

The Outer Worlds

A new The Outer Worlds mod is now available online, bringing some visuals improvements that enhance the experience.

The Tweaked Outer Worlds mod is a collection of basic UE4 .ini tweaks which disables some unwanted graphics effects and mouse smoothing that cannot be changed in-game.

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[Overview v2.0]
The .ini files contain the following basic unrealengine tweaks and can be used to easily replace the default .ini files:

  • increases TAA to max quality
  • sharpening to reverse TAA blurriness
  • disables chromatic aberration
  • disables depth of field
  • disables motion blur
  • increases render distance for static meshes and foliage (minimizing "popping in")
  • high quality lightmaps
  • alternative Tonemapper for vivid powerful colours
  • disables mouse smoothing
  • disables mouse acceleration

[changes made in v1.2]

  • optimized TAA tweaks (removed one suspicious change that may have caused micro-stutters, improved TAA quality)
  • improved Tonemapper quality
  • slightly reduced rendered distance for static meshes

[changes made in v1.3]

  • elimination of TAA ghosting
  • visuals will be more crisp than before (customizable)

[changes made in v2.0]

  • reduces most of the flickering v1.3 introduced
  • introduces a 2 mainfile preset structure to choose from:

v2.0: optimized to eliminate ghosting and reduce flickering
v2.0a: optimized to mostly eliminate flickering and reduce ghosting

All tweaks have a brief description and can be further customized, copied over or removed.

There may be a mild impact on performance caused by the TAA and lightmap improvements, as well as a mild performance increase by deactivating unwanted settings like CA, DoF and blur. Try removing the TAA or lightmap tweaks if you experience performance issues.

The Tweaked Outer Worlds mod can be downloaded from Nexus Mods.

The Outer Worlds is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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