Get Over 98% Discount on “The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle”

Mathematics Training tutor app

The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle is a popular math tutoring bundle that gives you access to essential math content and highly-rated instructors. Originally selling for $2000, you can now get access to over 697 lessons at a massive discount for just $25.50 for a limited time.

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Learn calculus, master Clustering Analysis for Data Science using MATLAB, or become an expert on Limits, Continuity, Derivatives, and their applications. The bundle includes the following courses:

  • Master Number Base Conversion: Binary, Octal, Decimal & More - Learn How to Do Arithmetic In These Bases
  • Precalculus: Become an Expert on Precalculus Topics Like Functions, Trigonometry, Sequence & Series & More!
  • Calculus 1 Mastered: Become an Expert on Limits, Continuity, Derivatives & Its Applications
  • Master Clustering Analysis for Data Science Using MATLAB: Implement Classification & Clustering Algorithms Using MATLAB with Practical Examples, Projects, and Datasets
  • Number Theory: Explore, Learn & Master Fundamental Topics in Number Bases, Arithmetic, Factorials, and More
  • Graph Theory: 9 Hours of Basic Content on Fundamentals & Properties of Graphs
  • QC051 - Math Prerequisites for Quantum Computing: Get a Quick Review of Your Basic Math Prerequisites for Quantum Computing & Quantum Physics
  • Mathematical Foundation for Machine Learning & AI: Demystify the Math That Powers Today's AI Innovations
  • Mathematics for Data Science & Machine Learning using R: Learn the Fundamental Mathematics for Data Science, AI & ML Using R Programming Language
  • Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Logic, Proof, Functions, Stats & More - Master the Backbone of Mathematics and Computer Science

Head over to this link for complete details of these courses included in "The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle" and use code VDAY2021 to bring the price down to just $25.50 for a limited time.

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