The Invincible is a Promising Next-Gen Sci-Fi Game from CD Projekt Red and Techland Vets


Could The Invincible be the next big breakout Polish-developed project? The sci-fi game is the work new Starward Industries, which is headed up by Marek Markuszewski (a project manager and producer on The Witcher 3) and staffed by various other CD Projekt Red and Techland veterans. The Invincible is based on the novel of the same name by Polish sci-fi author Stanislaw Lem, and looks to be an at least partially-open space exploration/survival game. We don’t have a trailer yet, but you can check some concept art, below.

And here’s a taste of the game’s soundtrack.

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Intrigued? Here’s a bit more detail about the world of The Invincible…

The single-player story of The Invincible will introduce gamers firsthand to the idea that there are places in the Universe that are not only unwelcoming to us as humans, but entirely forbidden. Inspired by the work of bestselling Science Fiction writer, Stanisław Lem, who has influenced the likes of Futurama’s David X Cohen, The Sims’ Will Wright, and Hideo Kojima, author of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, The Invincible will plunge players onto a distant planet Regis III set in atompunk aesthetics. While technology in the game’s universe has advanced to the point of seamless space exploration, equipment remains analogue as the digital revolution has not taken place, nor has The Cold War ended.

Starward Industries CEO Marek Markuszewski had this to say about his company’s first project…

The Invincible, which has been secretly in the making for some time, combines a fascinating setting, iconic story and an established non-linear gameplay to deliver a truly unforgettable experience. The studio believes in the power of interactive storytelling, and wants to engage gamers of all skill levels in crafting their own paths in the peculiar world of a distant, malevolent planet.

The Invincible is set to touch down on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 in the latter half of 2021. What do you think? Does The Invincible have you interested?