The Infamous Apple Magic Mouse is $10 Off

Uzair Ghani
Get $10 off on Magic Mouse.

Love it or hate it but the Magic Mouse is a must-have if you have a Mac, and right now it’s $10 off for a brand new one.

Pay Just $69 for the Magic Mouse 2 from Apple - Works with macOS and iPadOS Like a Dream

You don’t need any discount code or coupon in order to get the $69 discounted price. Just go over to Amazon, add the mouse to your cart, hit the checkout button and the Magic Mouse will be with you this weekend.

Buy Apple Magic Mouse (Wireless, Rechargeable) - White Multi-Touch Surface - Was $79, now just $69

This is the second-generation wireless Magic Mouse which features a built-in battery. It’s the same one which has to be charged upside down using a Lightning cable. But that built-in battery means that you don’t have to run to a store for batteries - just plug in the Lightning cable and you can charge away instantly.

Thanks to its multi-touch surface, the Magic Mouse is a joy to use on macOS and iPadOS. You get butter smooth scrolling which no other mouse has, including gestures to switch between pages and whatnot. This mouse also makes for an excellent companion on the go as it is way slimmer than many other mice available. Also, you get the Apple logo slapped on it which has to account for something.

Again, this is a limited time deal only which won’t last long. A few bucks saved on official accessories and hardware is always a joy to come across.

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