The Galaxy S24 Could Become the First Phone to Feature Wi-Fi 7

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When it comes to innovations, Samsung is definitely a brand that has been ahead of the curve as compared to some of the other Android OEMs. Now, the latest report that we have suggests that the Galaxy S24, which will be coming sometime in 2024, will be shipping with Wi-Fi 7, and that will make it the first phone to ship with the latest generation of Wi-Fi.

Galaxy S24 and Other Android Phones Could Soon Ship with Wi-Fi 7 But it Will be Expensive

Citing the sources, DigiTimes reports that Wi-Fi 6E will just be nothing more than transitional technology since Wi-Fi 7 is set to launch in 2024. The Galaxy S24 will be the first device to feature the new Wi-Fi technology, and it will feature 300MHz channels with the support of 4K quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) technology, providing up to 2.4x faster speeds compared to Wi-Fi 6 with the same number of antennas. Based on information from Wi-Fi Alliance, the Wi-Fi 7 is going to provide speeds of at least 30Gbps, and could even go as high as 40Gbps.

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This is certainly a notable improvement because the Wi-Fi 6 offers speeds up to 9.6Gbps, so compared to what we are getting now, the Galaxy S24 is going to be very, very fast in terms of internet speeds. However, another thing that you must know is that when it does get out, Wi-Fi 7 is going to be expensive, and this means that it will take some time for the smartphone manufacturers to actually sort this out and adopt the latest features.

Do you think the Galaxy S24 is going to be a good phone with the inclusion of a Wi-Fi 7 or are you not bothered by it at all?  

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