The Galaxy S20 Ultra Will Not Have True 960FPS Super Slow Motion

Furqan Shahid

It has only been a few days since the announcement of the Galaxy S20 series was done, and so far, we have seen a slew of information on all three devices that the company announced. It goes without saying that the most impressive, and the most expensive one happens to be the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which comes with an impressive 100x Space Zoom. Sounds ridiculous, but Samsung has explained in detail how they achieved this technological feat.

Galaxy S20 Ultra's Super Slow Motion Mode Will Be Digitally Enhanced

Despite the Galaxy S20 Ultra being the most premium, a new piece of information has surfaced that suggests that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will not be able to record Super Slow Motion videos at 960 frames per second, whereas both the S20 and S20+ will be able to do that. It is certainly a shock.

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While there was no official word on it, the information can be found on the specification page of the S20 lineup. Below is a screenshot of the statement.

As per that statement, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will only be able to record 1 second of video that will be captured at 480 frames per second, however, it will be digitally enhanced to 960 frames per second, and will be outputted as approximately 32 seconds of clip. However, you can edit the playback time in super slow motion mode.

This setback is rather strange, considering how the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most powerful device available in the lineup, it is strange to see why the phone is not capable of recording videos at true 960 frames per second.

Samsung has not issued a statement or a comment as to why this limitation is in place, to begin with. But we are sure there is a technical limitation rather than a software one.

Whatever the case may be, do you think this is a deal breaker for people who were considering buying this phone or are you okay with this rudimentary limitation?

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