The Clownfish Wallpaper From the Original iPhone Returns With iOS 16 Beta 3

Original iPhone Clownfish Image in iOS 16 beta 3

The original iPhone launched back in 2007 and the demo featured the wallpaper of a pair of clownfish. While the image was not part of the final release, some users have discovered that the clownfish image is included in the latest iOS 16 beta 3. The clownfish image in the latest iOS 16 beta is probably an easter egg from Apple to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the iPhone. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

The Clownfish Wallpaper Makes a Return With Apple's Latest iOS 16 Beta 3

The iPhone has come a long way. From a small 3.5-inch screen to a 6.7-inch screen, the iPhone has changed drastically for the better. Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to feature a major redesign with the dual-cutout display. In addition, iOS 16 will also be a major update considering the number of features coming later this year with the final release.

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When Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs unlocked the original iPhone on stage, it had the clownfish wallpaper on the Lock screen. Throughout the announcement, the wallpaper served as the background image. Now, after 15 long years, the clownfish image is making a return with the launch of iOS 16. However, the strange thing is that not all users who have installed the latest iOS 16 beta 3 are seeing the clownfish image.

It is possible that Apple might release iOS 16 without the image. However, nothing can be said for sure. We will wait for the final release to draw final conclusions but as of now, not all users are seeing the wallpaper. We will share more details on the subject as soon as developers are done tinkering with the new build.

iOS 16 has a lot in store for users. One of the most redesigned aspects of the operating system is the new customizable Lock Screen. It gives users the option to adjust the font size, font style, and much more. There are a lot of new options available which you can check out in our announcement post.

This is all there is to it, folks. Share your thoughts about the clownfish image in iOS 16 beta 3 in the comments.

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