The Best Camera App for iPhone – Halide – Arrives on the iPad [Video]

Halide for iPad now available for download

Halide has been around for the iPhone for a long time. But today, the famous camera app is coming over to the iPad.

Halide for iPadOS Now Available in the App Store, Free Update for Existing Users

If I was given a choice to use just one app to take photos for the rest of my life on iPhone, it would be Halide. It is hands down the best camera app around. And today, things are going to the next level as the app is coming over to the iPad with the brand new Halide 2.2 update.

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Rather than just doing lazy work and mimicking the iPhone version, the iPad app is custom built and is designed in such a way that it feels right at home and yet brand new. For instance, the developers placed the camera controls in an area which falls directly under your thumb. This means you can focus on the shot rather than a balancing act that involves your hands and your iPad.

There is a wonderful new Pro View on the iPad version of the app which shrinks down the viewfinder while giving you access to things like color histogram, RGB waveform, manual focus and more.

Meet Pro View. Pro View is a toggle that lives in the bottom left of the iPad interface, and it shrinks your viewfinder down so it comfortably occupies the limits of your central vision. It’s a bit larger than you’d find on an iPhone, but small enough to compose shots well and allow lots of extra space. Halide fits some pretty advanced pro tools like a realtime color histogram and RGB waveform, manual focus, and shutter and ISO controls — and they can all be active and easily controlled without overlapping the image in Pro View. Truly, a view fit for a pro.

There is a lot to love here and we will highly recommend giving this one a download. If you have already have Halide for iPhone in your library of apps, then you can download the iPadOS version absolutely free.

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Download Halid for iOS and iPadOS [App Store link]

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