TEAMGROUP Refreshes Their DDR4 Product Lines With Upgrades To Pre Existing Models


TEAMGROUP releases large-capacity memory Elite / Elite PLUS DDR4 32GB for audio and video creator upgrade selections. ELITE DDR4 and Elite PLUS DDR4 are both 1.2 V memory modules and a massive 32 GB Kit capacity. In response to the trend of live streaming and the increasing number of digital content, there are many other high-quality products available for creators with a full range of upgrade options.

TEAMGROUP Have Upped Their DIMMs TO 32GB

The improvement of the specifications of built-in memory and the hard drive is very important for meeting creators’ needs for computer upgrades. TEAMGROUP releases the large capacity memory Elite/Elite PLUS DDR4 32GB; it also works with MP34 M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive that has the new generation PCIe Gen3 x4 high-speed interface and the latest NVMe1.3 protocol. Even under multitask processing, 1TB of high capacity and up to 3000/2600 MB/s of excellent read/write speed can still provide a stable and smooth user experience.

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At the same time, TEAMGROUP also provides large capacity portable storage products for live streaming and audio and video content creation. PD400 Portable Solid State Drive is a laboratory proven to have IP66 dust and water repellent rating. With the USB Type C interface, it can plug and play on Windows PC, MAC OS, laptop and Android system. Its USB3.2 Gen1 high-speed transfer interface is suitable for creators who need secure and fast access for files of audio and video creation; and for digital video cameras, panoramic cameras or drones, PRO V30 Memory Card complies with UHS Speed Class 3(U3) and V30 specification and supports 4K Ultra HD shooting. It is an outdoor content creators’ best friend for storage.

TEAMGROUP’s high-performance products can cover from video production content to post-production of multimedia editing, from personal computers to laptop computers, even to digital cameras and other related equipment, which allows creators to upgrade easily. Not only it can process image fast and smoothly, but also store audio and video contents effectively. The non-lagging performance experience can eliminate the waiting time during the creative process, and easy riding the wave of creating audio and video content.