Teamfight Tactics: Fates Launches Tomorrow For Public Beta, Official Release To Follow

Fates, the fourth set for Teamfight Tactics is about to make its playable debut, starting with a Public Beta Environment (PBE) test tomorrow. Teamfight Tactics: Fates will also be part of the official game in Patch 10.19, tentatively scheduled to go live on September 16th.

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For the various Origins, in Teamfight Tactics: Fates, we've acquired a master list of Traits that will give you some idea as to how to pick the best champions possible. The numbers in brackets represent how many champions of a given Origin are needed to activate that tier. With the changes coming to a number of these Origins, perhaps we'll see a new meta evolve in Fates that knocks Shade out from being the top tier choice.

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Cultist Once your team loses 50% of their health, Galio is summoned, slamming into the largest cluster of enemies and knocking them up.
(3) Tyrant Galio
(6) Demon Lord Galio
(9) Supreme Overlord Galio
Divine Upon attacking six times or dropping below 50% health, Divine units ascend, taking 25% reduced damage and dealing bonus true damage for the rest of combat.
(2) 20%
(4) 40%
(6) 65%
(8) 100%
Dusk Dusk champions increase all allies Spell Power.
(2) All allies gain 20%
(4) And Dusk Champions gain an additional 40%
(6) 50% for all, 100% additional for Dusk Champions
Enlightened Enlightened generate more mana.
(2) 40%
(4) 70%
(6) 100%
Elderwood Every two seconds all Elderwood champions grow, gaining bonus stats. This effect stacks up to five times.
(3) 20 Armor and MR, 5 AD and SP.
(6) 35 Armor and MR, 10 AD and SP.
(9) 60 Armor and MR, 25 AD and SP.
Exile If an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, they gain:
(1) A shield equal to 50% of their maximum health.
(2) And 100% Lifesteal.
Fortune (3) Winning combat against a player will give bonus orbs. The longer you've gone without an orb, the bigger the payout!
Moonlight (3) At the start of combat, the lowest star-level Moonlight champion stars up until combat ends.
(In the case of a tie, the champion with the most items is chosen.)
Ninja Ninja gain bonus Attack Damage and Spell Power. This effect is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Ninjas.
(1) +45 AD and SP
(4) +90 AD and SP
Spirit The first time a Spirit casts their spell, all allies gain Attack Speed based on the spell's mana cost.
(2) 35% of mana cost.
(4) 90% of mana cost.
Warlord Warlords have bonus Health and Spell Power. Each victorious combat they've participated in increases this bonus by 10%, stacking up to 5 times.
(3) 200 HP & 20 SP
(6) 400 HP & 40 SP
(9) 700 HP & 70 SP
The Boss When The Boss first drops to 40% health, he removes himself from combat to start doing sit-ups. Each sit-up restores 15% Health and gives him 20% Attack Speed. If he reaches full health he returns to combat Pumped Up, converting his basic attack and spell damage to True Damage. If all of his allies die, he will immediately return to combat.
Tormented Innate: After participating in three combats, Tormented are given the option to transform.
Adept Adepts calm the flow of battle, reducing the Attack Speed of all enemies by 50% for a few seconds at the start of combat.
(2) 3 Seconds
(3) 5 Seconds
(4) 8 Seconds
Assassin Innate: Before combat starts, Assassins leap to the enemy backline.
Assassins' spells can critically stike and they gain bonus Critical Strike Damage and Chance.
(2) 10% Crit Chance; 10% Crit Damage
(4) 25% Crit Chance; 25% Crit Damage
(6) 40% Crit Chance; 40% Crit Damage
Brawler Brawlers have increased maximum health.
(2) 400
(4) 700
(6) 900
Dazzler Dazzler's spells reduce their target's Attack Damage by 50% for a few seconds.
(2) 5 seconds
(4) 10 seconds
Duelist Innate: Duelists move faster.
Duelists' attacks grant Attack Speed, up to 7 stacks.
(2) +10% AS per Stack
(4) +20% AS per Stack
(6) +40% AS per Stack
(8) +100% AS per Stack
Hunter Every three seconds, all Hunters will attack the lowest health enemy, dealing increased damage.
(2) 100% Bonus Damage
(3) 150% Bonus Damage
(4) 200% Bonus Damage
(5) 250% Bonus Damage
Keeper At the start of combat, Keepers grant themselves and all nearby allies a shield for 8 seconds. This shield is 50% stronger on Keepers.
(2) 125
(4) 175
(6) 250
Mage Mages cast twice and have modified Spell Power.
(3) 70% of their total Spell Power
(6) 100% of their total Spell Power
(9) 150% of their total Spell Power
Mystic All allies have increased Magic Resistance.
(2) 40
(4) 100
Shade Innate: When combat starts, Shades teleport to the enemy backline.
Every third attack Shades dip into the shadows, stealthing and causing their next basic attack to deal bonus magic damage.
(2) 100 Bonus Magic Damage
(3) 200 Bonus Magic Damage
(4) 300 Bonus Magic Damage
Sharpshooter Sharpshooters attacks and spells ricochet to nearby enemies dealing reduced damage.
(2) 1 Ricochet with 70% Reduced Damage
(4) 2 Ricochets with 45% Reduced Damage
(6) 3 Ricochets with 30% Reduced Damage
Vanguard Vanguards gain bonus armor.
(2) 100
(4) 200
(6) 500
Emperor Emperors deploy with two additional units that can be moved separately. Troops rally to their Emperor when they cast, and die when their Emperor dies.

Teamfight Tactics: Fates will launch with 58 heroes split up across 26 classes, giving players quite a lot of versatility when it comes to nailing that ideal team composition. Riot Games' auto-battler is available now with multiple links available on the Teamfight Tactics website to download the game on all supported platforms. Players will need to register an account separately in order to access the PBE for Teamfight Tactics and one of the requirements is to achieve Honor level 3 on your account.

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