Target Xbox One/PS4 Black Friday Deals


Retailer Target has posted their Black Friday deals today, and some seem only available if you order them today.

Some of the deals are only available today, these so called 'preview deals' include the Xbox One Gears Of War Bundle for $ 299.099, and comes with a $60  gift card.

The Target leaflet isn't always working it seems, so I saved the pages so you'll be able to actually watch them. An alternate source can be found here.

The most interesting deals can be found in the software corner at Target, but also some deals on game accessories. It's unknown if these deals are multiplatform, or only apply to the version listed.


Super Mario Bros 3DS
Mario Kart 7 3DS
Titanfall Xbox One
Farcry PS4
Evolve Xbox One

and several other titles.

$ 20

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Xbox 360
God Of War III PS4
Battlefield Hardline Xbox One
Gears of War Ultimate Edition Xbox One
Bloodborne PS4
Dark Souls II Scholar of the first Sin Xbox One

$ 25

GTA V Xbox One
Mortal Kombat PS4
Batman Arkham Knight PS4
Just Dance 2016 Wii U

Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS

And more (couldn't read them all)

$ 35

Need For Speed PS4
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain PS4
NBA 2K16 Xbox One
Destiny The Taken King PS4
Assassin's Creed Syndicate PS4
Madden 16 Xbox One
NHL 16 Xbox One

And more

Also interesting might be the Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band deals, which include a Guitar Hero Live Bundle for PS4/XO/PS3/XBOX 360, Wii U and iOS for $ 59.99.