Tales of Arise New Mod Introduces Fully-Functional Local Multiplayer

Francesco De Meo
Tales of Arise

A new Tales of Arise mod that has been shared online last week introduces a feature that is among the staples of the series.

The new mod introduces fully-functional multiplayer for up to four players locally. The mod also allows all players to use Boost attacks, change characters on the fly and even customize the camera for an optimal experience.

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Battle Controls

During battle, each player gets to control their own character. Make sure that P1 (= the flag) is assigned to the top
party member.

Boost Attacks

At the moment, boost attacks can be used by all players to add some competitiveness to the mix. Let me know if you don't like this behavior and I'll make it configurable.

Changing Characters During Battle

While still not completely stable, you can change characters during the battle, but you'll have to use the menu to do so.

P1: Move the flag to the character you want to control and make sure the position is not already taken by another player (or chaos will ensue.)
P2-P4: Move the character you'd like to control to your slot. (See Battle Controls) You can ignore the flag.

Overworld Controls

Outside of battle, all controllers are treated equally and can steer the main character and navigate through menus. This
mirrors the default behavior of the game and allows for taking turns without passing around a controller.

Additionally, if you set AutoChangeCharas to 1 in the config (see Customizing the Camera),
all player will be able to instantly change the visible character to their own by pressing "Reset Camera 2" (default is left bumper) on their respective controllers.

Customizing the Camera

The camera is still a work in progress. You can however tweak it to your liking by editing
MultiplayerMod.ini file that you place at "...\steamapps\common\Tales of Arise\Arise\Binaries\Win64\MultiplayerMod.ini". The folder already contains an example file -- simply rename it and delete the ".example" part.

The Tales of Arise Multiplayer Mod can be downloaded from Nexus Mods.

Tales of Arise is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. Learn more about the latest entry in the series by checking out my review.

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