Take Your Dream Project to the Next Level with The Powerfully Smart 7-in-1 Welder & Cutter


Summer bringing creative blocks with it? It's time to become a pro, disrupt that creative block, and tune up the productivity! Introduce the path-breaking 7-in-1 YesWelder Firstess CT2050 to the game and see it break your welding limits.

Curious what the heck kind of tech is involved here that makes YesWelder a 7-in-1 wonder of a product? It includes AC/DC Pulse TIG, Plasma Cutting, Stick, Aluminum Welding, and Built-in Air Compressor, all in one machine!

YesWelder FIRSTESS CT2050, an entire fabrication shop in one tool!

The YesWelder journey that started in 2006 is centered on a mission to provide affordable, quality welding equipment to those who love and practice the craft. This isn't some gimmicky product; this is a product that has been designed after years of research and connections of the team with end-users to craft products that speak to real-life needs.

Whether you are a professional or involved in DIY projects, the multifunctional welding machine YesWelder FIRSTESS CT2050 significantly increases your working efficiency. The CT2050 can run a 100% duty cycle at 45 amps and 220V under room temperature of 77℉ (25℃) in Plasma Cutting mode. That means you can plasma cut for 10 minutes straight without a pause, letting you slice thin or thick metals with ease. And if you can get by with less power, you can push the CT2050 even further.

The FIRSTESS CT2050 is an easy-to-use professional machine that is a pure workhorse, enabling you to cycle through multiple functions at the tap of a button. As a reminder, unlike other multifunctional cutters and welders, YesWelder FIRSTESS CT2050 excels at several features:

  • AC TIG for welding aluminum
  • AC/DC TIG for soft materials, making it perfect for projects like auto repair and bicycle frame welding, at a price point that doesn't pinch
  • Pulse TIG for the most awkward of welding angles; also enables you to deal with extremely thin metals
  • Plasma cutting allows welders to cut through anything up to 1" thick
  • Built-in air compressor for maximum portability
  • Dual Fans to keep your welds hot but your engines cool!
  • Hot start technology makes striking an arc easy, even in damp or other challenging situations
  • CT2050 stick welding function also includes a Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) protecting you from electric shocks
  • 96-256V wide voltage range for smooth welding and guaranteed consistent results
  • 100% duty cycle for continuous welding

YesWelder's Kickstarter campaign has exceeded all expectations and pledge goals with over 2400 backers for this amazing product that brings industrial-grade technologies into a compact design. The early bird price for supporters is just $1,099, with a massive discount of $900 on the retail price. The product begins shipping in September and can be delivered to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the EU. Head over to Kickstarter for all the technical details and more info on shipping and pricing.

The weather or electricity may become increasingly unreliable, but CT2050 comes with the latest PFC Power Factor Controller Tech that ensures any current fluctuations during the welding process don't affect your weld, giving you a smooth current flow until the job is done. Thanks to the 96V-265V wide voltage range, you can use this powerhouse anywhere you want. Save electricity, get stabilized welding performance, and unlock new levels of skill, power, and creativity with YesWelder FIRSTESS CT2050.

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