Tactical nuke, deathstreaks and some perks not in Black Ops

Modern Warfare 2 bought something unique to the multiplayer gaming world, they introduced not only 25 different kill streaks but the 25th killstreak was a tactical nuke which required the sacrifice of 25 players without the caller of the nuke dying, death streaks were also a new addition to the game which was very noob friendly, they gave you the ability to spawn with more life for a limited time, copy a high level class's weapons and even the famous final stand and martyrdom made a comeback.

Treyarch announced that they would be removing the tactical nuke for the reason that people get encouraged to exploit the game (yeah with hacked lobbies which allow infinite killstreak reward spamming and infinite ammo)

"We just don't like the idea of what a nuke does to the gameplay," said Bunting, "it encourages exploitation and it's generally not fun."

"We want to bring it back a little more towards a pure level where people feel like they're having actual competition."

They also announced they will remove several Modern Warfare 2 perks. I hope Treyarch knows what its doing, this might end up blowing up in their faces, I for one really do enjoy the other killstreaks aside from the nuke such as precision airstrike, EMP, chopper gunner etc although I have seen people get the tactical nuke by pure skill I would not consider it a menace if only people weren't making hacked lobbies just for the soul purpose of letting everyone in the lobby get a friggin nuke.

The deathstreaks are also something I will miss but they were an improvement over Modern Warfare, I mean what damage does copycat do to the community? albeit painkiller is HIGHLY unbalanced it doesnt make you extra health for a few seconds it practically makes you indestructible I have emptied a whole RPD Magazine into a painkiller enemy and he didn't even die instead he ran up to me and knifed me. So I definitely won't be missing painkiller any time soon. While Martyrdom and final stand are pretty annoying too they are easily avoidable, for martyrdom just run away from the target when he dies and for final stand just shoot the enemy once when they are on the ground that's what I always do anyway.

First Activision won't allow for the game to have a Beta and now Treyarch is removing important parts of the game (deathtreaks and certain perks) which is really not fair to the gamer, I totally agree that remove the tactical nuke from the game but I always found the perk system well balanced in Modern Warfare 2 no class was too over powered or too under powered.

Source: NowGamer

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