Tabata Says His Dream Final Fantasy Game Would Give Players Complete Freedom; Comments on Loot Boxes

Final Fantasy XV

Even though Hajime Tabata's development team completed Final Fantasy XV in November 2016, work on the game hasn't really stopped yet. In 2018 there'll be more story content available for all versions of Final Fantasy XV as well as the release on Windows PC.

Tabata was featured in an interview published on the latest Official Xbox Magazine UK (issue 160, February 2018), where he dived into several different topics starting with the hottest one in the whole industry - loot boxes. Here's what he had to say:

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I don't have anything against them. However, I do think that loot box creators need to be careful not to jeopardize their relationships with players.

When asked what he would do if given unlimited resources to create his dream Final Fantasy game, Tabata gave a surprising answer.

I would separate from the developers and create a version of Final Fantasy that you could play with complete freedom. You would never know what would happen next, but each and every player would be able to enjoy it how they pleased.

Now, this is something that would be intriguing if it ever came to pass. JRPGs like Final Fantasy have traditionally shunned player freedom with few exceptions, but they could find new life-blood by reverting this course.

Finally, Final Fantasy XV's Game Director talked about the Pitioss ruins from the game and their uniqueness.

One hint regarding the mystery of the Pitioss ruins is that, like Steyliff Grove, they were left by the ancient civilization of Solheim. Even the most unassuming places in Eos have a depth and a history to them, and their mysteries are waiting to be unlocked.

The staff in charge of this were incredibly passionate about including this dungeon as part of the end contents. Having consistency throughout a world is a great thing, but I wanted players to be able to enjoy a dungeon made with that much passion, even if it was at the price of losing that consistency.

Tabata is gearing up to move to his new project in the near future and we'll be sure to report on it once it's revealed by Square Enix.

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