T-Mobile Had Stopped Selling The HTC 10 In July – Poor Sales Might Be The Primary Contributor

Omar Sohail
T-Mobile stops selling HTC 10

HTC 10, despite possessing impressive specifications and an even more impressive build quality has stopped being sold at T-Mobile, and we can only guess what the reason might be.

Sluggish Sales Could Have Forced T-Mobile To Stopped Selling HTC 10

T-Mobile officially started selling the HTC 10 on May 18, and it didn’t take long for the carrier to stop selling the Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone. It is highly possible that a handful of units are still available at retail outlets, but you can only find this out by visiting one of them. We’d bet anything that poor sales of the smartphone were the primary contributing factor, and to be fair, the smartphone’s unlocked price tag of $699 was not going to help the company, despite the impressive factor of the smartphone.

From a build quality and hardware specifications standpoint, HTC 10 was by far one of the best crafted and performing smartphones out there. In fact, HTC actually gave you a massive perk to purchase it; through providing security and software updates just two weeks after they were widely available for Nexus devices. Featuring a metallic unibody design, one of the things that HTC catered the most to users was its speaker quality, a feature that most manufacturers overlooked half the time.

HTC 10 (3)

According to the company, its BoomSound audio profile improves the overall sound experience when you want to get down to using it for entertainment purposes without using headphones or earphones. Furthermore, a 5.2-inch handset possessing 4GB of RAM, and a 3,000mAh cell underneath its unibody chassis were all specification flavors that you’ve widely see on flagship offerings.

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If we were to comment on anything that could have been the downfall of the smartphone, then we’d have to say that it’s the high price tag. For $699, you naturally cannot expect an Android smartphone to sell well in a saturated market, particularly when there are so many other options to choose from. If T-Mobile has decided to remove the smartphone off its shelf, then it’s probably a matter of time before other carriers follow the same tune. It’s disappointing really, because the phone had so much potential.


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