SW Battlefront FPS Analysis On Xbox One Show Rock Solid Performance


If two recent Star Wars Battlefront FPS analysis are to be believed, the shooter from DICE is rock solid with a nearly locked framerate of 60 frames per second on Xbox One.

Gamersyde performed a framerate analysis, which show a nearly locked framerate for Battlefront on the Xbox One. Battlefront is currently available for Microsoft’s console through EA’s subscription service ‘EA Access’.

The video’s can be watched below.

Test 2

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry also performed an analysis following the game’s open beta last month. Digital Foundry’s analysis showed an overall experience of 60FPS as well, but also noted more apparent drops to 50FPS on the Xbox One – especially during the Walker Assault mission’s climax.

As for performance in the beta, Xbox One targets 60fps just like PS4, and it sticks to that number most of the way. The bad news is we see more drops to 50fps on balance compared to PS4, especially as the Walker Assault mission reaches its climax. By the tail-end of play here, we see start seeing more drastic dips, sometimes below the 50fps line once transparency effects kick in across the trenches. The interior Rebel base area is a major stress point, causing prolonged stints at 50fps once AT-ATs start attacking the entrance.”

“As a baseline we're looking at a 60fps playback on Xbox One overall, but it's fair to say drops are more intrusive and protracted than PS4's once the engine is stressed.

It would be interesting to see Gamersyde performance during a Walker Assault stress test, but overall the game is showing solid performance on Microsoft’s console.

Although the game runs at 720P on Xbox One, the game is undeniable beautiful and DICE has done an awesome job offering great performance on all platforms.