Surface Laptop 5 Finally Goes Official with 12th Gen Intel Processors

Furqan Shahid

October's here, which means that Microsoft is holding its annual hardware event today, and we are going to be seeing some interesting devices. The company has decided to go ahead and unveil the Surface Laptop 5, and to no one's surprise, the changes made are minor at best, so for the most part, you are getting the same laptop as last year but with some changes under the hood.

Microsoft Is Being Modest With the Surface Laptop 5 and the Upgrades That Come with It

The biggest change that you are going to get in Surface Laptop 5 is that both the 13.5-inch and 15-inch models are now shipping with Intel's 12th generation U-series processors. You are either getting a Core i5-1235U or a Core i7-1255U in the 13.5-inch model and just the Core i7 when going for the 15-inch model.

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Sadly, this time around, there is no AMD variant, so if you are someone who supports the red team, this is simply not for you. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 also comes in a Sage color, but there is no Alcantara this time around.

The 15-inch variant is only going to be available in two colors; Platinum and Matte Black and the 13.5-inch variant will be available in Platinum, Sage, Matte Black, and Sandstone. If you are going for the Platinum in 13.5-inch variant, then the good news is that this is the only colorway that will be shipping with Alcantara fabric.

Another thing that you should know is that since we are talking about Intel processors, the Surface Laptop 5 now ships with Thunderbolt 4. You can use that port for various tasks such as charging, using dual 4K monitors, and more. Sadly, Microsoft is still using one USB Type-C port since it has decided to stick with the Surface Connect port. You also get a single USB 3.1 Type-A port.

As said before, Microsoft has not decided to add improvements. Both screens are 201 ppi, and 60Hz. Even the webcam is still 720p. For those interested, the Surface Laptop 5 is set to be available on October 25, and this is the configuration you can get.

Screen size Processor RAM Storage Colors Price
13.5 Core i5 8GB 256GB Platinum $999.99
13.5 Core i5 8GB 512GB Platinum, Black, Sage, Sandstone $1,299.99
13.5 Core i5 16GB 512GB Platinum, Black, Sage, Sandstone $1,499.99
13.5 Core i7 16GB 512GB Platinum, Black, Sage, Sandstone $1,699.99
15 Core i7 8GB 256GB Platinum $1,299.99
15 Core i7 8GB 512GB Platinum, Black $1,499.99
15 Core i7 16GB 512GB Platinum, Black $1,799.99
15 Core i7 16GB 1TB Black $2,399.99


If you are interested in getting your hands on the Surface Laptop 5, you can pick one up from your favorite retailer ranging from Best Buy, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store. However, it is worth noting that some specifications might not be available everywhere. Furthermore, the laptop is now up for preorder, so you can head over to your favorite retailer and order it.

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