Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rollback Netcode Mode Showcased in New Video

Francesco De Meo
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A Super Smash Bros Ultimate rollback netcode mod is currently in the works, and it's already working great, despite being in early development.

DShad, who previously announced they were working on a rollback netcode mod that would work with Nintendo Switch emulators, shared yesterday a new video that showcases a new mod that can run on Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as on emulators. The mod is still in a proof of concept phase, but it's already working great, judging from the video that shows a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch, PC cross-platform match.

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The video is a technical proof of concept. I don't know right if it will be fully working at the end.
I'm just making some assumption and do my best to transform those to facts.
I'm not saying to keep your expectation lower, rather to keep it moderate

As for now, if you want my thought, i think it still feasible as long as i fix the bug i already have + finish restoring state (stock,time,staleness ,...)

Don't expect thing soon also, althought it will depend how fast i fix thing.
I will also probably try to communicate with other smash modder much experienced in skyline in the modding discord, think they can guide me for some problems i saw.

Rollback netcode would be a godsend for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as the game uses delayed-based netcode that doesn't always work as intended. Very few fighting games on Nintendo Switch use rollback netcode due to technical reasons, so any implementation in existing games is welcome, even if unofficial.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide. Learn more about the game by checking out our review.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is definitely the Ultimate rendition of a beloved series. It's still the most accessible and interesting fighting game out there, and it's now better than ever. A little familiar in places, but this is the best Smash has ever been. Another essential Nintendo Switch game.

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