Stunning Diablo 1 Remake ‘Respawned’ Trailer Fires Up Your 1996 Nostalgia


Remember the amazing intro trailer for Blizzard’s Diablo from 1996? This stunning new Diablo 1 Remake trailer fires up your nostalgia for sure.

Created by independent game developer and graphic designer at Forbidden Realms Studio, Bence ‘Benmonor’ Monori, this new trailer has been a one-man effort and it took Benmonor 40 days to complete. Diablo ‘Respawned’ is a true remake of the 1996 intro of the first Diablo and shows the humble town of Tristram, the Cathedral and the Lord of Terror himself.

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Check out this amazing Diablo 1 Remake trailer below:

Alongside the trailer, the designer has also shared some design concepts on Reddit, including the design of Diablo, the Horned Demon, Goatman, Scavenger and Overlord.

Diablo was released for PC back in 1996. The title was ported to the original PlayStation in 1998.

Roughly 4 years ago, nearly 20 years after the game’s release, Diablo’s co-creator, David Brevik, shared the original pitch document for the title, which provides insight in Diablo’s original concept, and how it has been altered in the final game.

“Diablo fills a neglected niche in the computer game market. As games today substitute gameplay with multimedia extravaganzas, and strive toward needless scale and complexity, we seek to reinvigorate the hack and slash, feel good gaming audience. Emphasis will be on exploration, conflict and character development in a dark quest for justice”

Back in 1994, the game was pitched to Blizzard with a development time of roughly 1 year with a total of 11 developers. This is in sharp contrast to current development times and people working on a single title.