Street Fighter vs Tekken Gameplay and trailer surface!

Rizwan Anwer

Video game cross overs fighting games aren't an uncommon occurrence now the most recent example of so can be of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. But what if that wasn't epic enough for you? What if you want something different? What if you were told that you could have the chance to battle out Street Fighter and Tekken characters in a tag team style fighting game?

Here is the story trailer:

Here is the gameplay trailer:

And another gameplay trailer:

The only question on my mind is whether both sides will be able to perform Ultra / Super combos? I mean they can't make super / ultra's exclusive to the Street Fighters right? Although judging by the gameplay trailer I can already tell that the Street Fighters are heavily over powered, I mean who in Tekken can do a Hadoken or a Spinning bird kick or an insane Ultra / Super combo to finish off a foe?

So far it looks like unlike MvC 3 you can't cross 2 worlds characters to work together i.e you can only do a versus between 2 Street Fighter and 2 Tekken characters in a tag team match. I could be wrong of course but hey the game has yet to come so let's see what's in the future for this game, with E3 a couple of months away we can get all the final details right from there 🙂 .

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