Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 1.11 Update Introduces New Features, Balance Changes, AMD FSR 1.0 Support

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

A new Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin update has gone live on PC and consoles, introducing support for the first DLC expansion, Trials of the Dragon King, and more.

Alongside introducing support for the aforementioned DLC expansion and its features, such as the new Staves weapon type, three new jobs, and new Bahamut difficulty, the 1.11 update also introduces other new gameplay features and tweaks, such as a new Smithy feature that allows players to raise the level of equipment, a new Extra Mode for Chaos mode which permanently boosts Jack while restricting rewards and more, as detailed below.

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Added Functionality:

  • The smithy and equipment
    • Added new armor type: Accessories.
      • Becomes available in the mission at the start of the main game.
  • Added new feature of the smithy that allows raising equipment levels.
  • Special effects
    • Added new special effect: Chaos.
      • Equipment with chaos effects can now be obtained. Chaos equipment have unique properties such as increasing damage dealt to certain enemies and greater effectiveness in general.
  • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Overall difficulty
    • Added Extra Mode for CHAOS and higher
    • While certain rewards are restricted, Jack can take on missions in a permanently boosted state, making it easier to play through the new storyline in CHAOS difficulty and above.
  • Graphics/UI
    • A UI effect appears when a soul burst can be performed on a locked-on target.
    • Through the Edit Party menu, Jack's appearance can be changed to that of his allies during missions.
      • (Applies only to allies participating in said missions.)
    • Job icons appear next to ally nameplates in battle.
    • A notification appears on the world map screen when a new mission is added.
    • Master points are displayed when master abilities are unlocked in the job tree.
    • Auto-Dismantle
      • Equipment is now dismantled even if the mission is abandoned.
      • Quantities of shields, multi-slot equipment, and other gear types to be retained can be adjusted individually.
      • Added the option "Ignore" (to ignore specific conditions).
    • Added "Avg. Equipment Level" to the pause menu.

The new Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin update also introduces various balance changes, as detailed on the Square Enix official's website, and some graphics and UI improvements. Additionally, the update also brings AMD FSR 1.0 support.


  • Adjusted screen resolution, event scene lighting, and screen effects.
  • AMD FSR 1.0 is now supported, which addresses the low resolution issue of certain graphics.
  • (For the Epic Games Store version, settings can be changed from Graphics Settings.)
  • Adjusted lighting in certain dungeons.
  • Reduced camera swing when following the quick movements of locked-on targets.
  • Fixed abrupt camera movements when Auto Avoid Obstructions is active.
  • Filtering by job in the preset menu applies to both battle sets.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide.

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