Store Heaps of Files With WD Elements 18TB External Hard Drive, Compatible With PC and Mac, Now $110 Off


In this day and age, where the majority of the work that you are doing is digital, a backup needs to be a top priority for you. For that, you have two choices; either invest in cloud storage, which will require you to pay a monthly or yearly fee and that too for limited amounts of storage, or an external hard drive which you can carry around and access when you need to.

If you work with heaps and heaps of data and require something that needs to be available almost immediately, especially when you are not connected to the internet for a while, the WD Elements 18TB external hard drive is the go-to product.

Not only does the exterior shell protect the hard drive from damage, which would otherwise corrupt your data, you can immediately plug it in your PC or Mac, and your backed-up files will be right in front of you. This external hard drive supports the USB 3.0 standard, so you will experience high data transfer speeds, but mileage may vary depending on which storage medium you are transferring to and front, such as from the external hard drive to the internal hard drive, or SSD or vice versa.

Do note that the WD Elements does not support cloud storage, but if you want an external hard drive that you can access remotely, and has password protection support built-in, we recommend getting the WD My Book 18TB external hard drive, which is available for $439.99 after a $100 discount. It too is compatible with a PC or Mac.

If you have little need for an 18TB hard drive, there are lower storage options available, such as a 4TB option available for $89.99 after a near $40 price cut. After all, there is something available for everyone.

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Get the WD My Book 18TB external hard drive from Amazon