Steam Client New Beta Update Introduces Remote Play Together with Anyone


A new Steam client beta update has gone live earlier today, introducing a new Remote Play Together feature.

With the new update, it will be possible to Remote Play Together with anyone, as the feature no longer requires an account.

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To try the new functionality, opt into the Steam Client Beta. Once updated, you'll find a COPY LINK button in your Friends list whenever you play one of the thousands of games with support for Steam Remote Play Together.

To quickly access your own games with support for Remote Play Together, click the advanced filtering options icon in your Library, then select Remote Play Together under Features. You can even hit Save to create a Dynamic Collection.

When you're ready to play, launch your game, then grab an invite link from your Friends list in the Steam Overlay. Send the link to your friend on Windows, iOS, Android, or Raspberry Pi and they can click your invite to join in the fun.

Only one player without a Steam account can be invited, however. It will still be possible to add more players to the session using regular Play Together invites.

Invite Anyone with a link and your friend will be invited to install the Steam Link app before connecting. Once installed, Steam Link enables a quick connection to your game session. If your friend has Steam installed, it will instead be used to facilitate the session.

One player may be invited to your Remote Play Together game session via link, no account needed. Additional Steam Friends may be invited to your game by right-clicking them in your Friends List, then selecting Remote Play Together.

Players with their own controllers will be able to immediately join in the fun. If you have your own controller as the host, you can choose to share control of your keyboard and mouse with a remote player in the Steam Overlay.

You can head over to the Steam Official Website to learn more about the client beta updates.