Starlink Improves U.S. Download Speeds As Users Blaze Past 280 Mbps!

The Falcon 9 getting ready to cut its engines after reaching max Q earlier this month. Image: SpaceX

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Users of SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet service have once again started to report internet download speeds that comfortably lie in the hundreds. Starlink uses low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to beam down internet connectivity to its users, and since it was opened to the general public, the service has seen hundreds of thousands of users sign up to use it. At the same time, Starlink has exceeded performance against broadband internet providers in most of the countries in which it provides services, but its American users have also experienced deteriorating speeds as the rate of new spacecraft launched through SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and the growth in U.S.-based users compete with each other.

Now, it is appearing as if strong download speeds in America are back, as several users are sharing fresh results on the social media platform Reddit.

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Starlink Users Comfortably Cross 200 Mbps In Download Speed Tests

The highest Starlink download speed shared on Reddit this past week comes from a user who recently received his dish from SpaceX. The user, going by the name Parrot-Dude, saw his Starlink connect post an eye-popping 288 Mbps in download speed, which is the highest in our small sample for today.

Parrot-Dude was not the only one who saw his download speeds come close to touching 300 Mbps. Another Reddit user, dubbed nicknamethomas posted a screenshot from the popular speed testing application Ookla which revealed a download speed of 283 Mbps. The user went on to add that the tests were conducted in upstate New York, and the "noticeable" improvements in download speeds came after a Starlink firmware upgrade.

Sharing the difference in speeds before and after the update, nicknamethomas outlined that:

Pre Update Average (Peak Hours) 50-75/10 Pre Update Average (Non Peak Hours) 100-150/10 Pre Update Fastest Speed Test 222/20
Post Update Average (Peak Hours) 75-125/10-15 Post Update Average (Non Peak Hours) 150-200/20
Post Update Fastest Speed Test 283/30


Another user from North America also shared that since Starlink's latest firmware update, their download and upload speeds had improved as well, with a download speed of 250 Mbps and an upload speed of 20 Mbps in Central Maine.

Results of a Starlink download test from Kentucky mirrored these speeds, as Reddit user PositiveSplit6483 shared that a test run less than a day back saw Starlink achieve 243 Mbps in download and 32 Mbps in upload, for a set of results that the user described as "Best Speeds I have had yet in Northern Kentucky." An earlier test run by the same user saw 218 Mbps download and 32 Mbps upload.

User RO4DHOG from Southern California used a unique setup for their dish which saw the user terminal mounted on a pole inside a skylight well. This arrangement saw the first test after the installation clock 268 Mbps in download speeds which then dropped soon afterward as RO4DHOG explained that since the first run, the speed had dropped to range between 150 Mbps and 80 Mbps.

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Finally, a Starlink user in South Mississippi was relieved when their download speeds increased to 190 Mbps. User GetOffMyGrassBrats revealed that since a 255 Mbps speed test in March in March 2020, the latest run was the fastest that their Starlink terminal had performed. Earlier posts from the same user had outlined that the download speeds were averaging at 50 Mbps in off-peak hours and between 20 and 30 Mbps during peak hours.

GetOffMyGrassBrats was joined by several other users from different states that shared the same experience. For instance, a user from South Georgia shared that they had been experiencing 200 Mbps regularly during off-peak hours since late this week and 80 Mbps in peak hours. The fastest download speed that we came across today however was from a Starlink user in remote Wyoming, who revealed that while their 'typical' download speeds stood at 180 Mbps, now they had managed to achieve 311 Mbps.

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