Spotify Potentially Working On A HomePod Competitor, Suggets Job Ad


Apple entered the smart speaker race after Google and Amazon already catered most of the market share. However, it's Apple we're talking about and the company will gather enough traction in the near future. However, there are still some companies which have not even started to explore the niche market. Now, we are hearing that the music streaming giant, Spotify looking to enter the smart speaker field. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Spotify To Launch Its Own Smart Speaker To Rival Apple's HomePod?

Apple's HomePod has further competition on the way it seems as Spotify's job ad suggests that it is planning to introduce its very own smart speaker. This definitely makes sense as streaming music and smart speaker are correlated. In addition to this, at this point in time, the HomePod lacks third-party music streaming support which we will talk about later on.

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It was previously seen that Spotify was exploring the field but latest ad posting suggests that the company will soon begin manufacturing a smart speaker. The ad was spotted by Musically that reads:

“Spotify is on it’s [sic] way creating it’s first physical products and set-up an operational organisation for manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing,” explains a not-quite-fully-spell-checked ad for an Operations Manager – Hardware Product on Spotify’s recruitment site.

About the job description, it suggests taking care of ‘distribution, supply, logistics, fulfillment and customer service.’ All of the operations mentioned are necessary once the physical product goes into production.


As we have mentioned earlier, HomePod does not support third-party music streaming. You can only stream music via Apple Music. However, you can play your Spotify music on the HomePod via AirPlay but it would kill the purpose of owning a smart speaker. However, Spotify support for Apple's HomePod is just a software update away, but it's not clear if the company has any plans to implement it. it probably will but not anytime soon.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details. As for now, share your views on Spotify entering the smart speaker race.  Do you want the company to introduce its own hardware product? Share your views with us in the comments.

News Source: TechCrunch

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