Spider-Man Creative Director: The Game Wouldn’t Exist If It Wasn’t for PlayStation, Having Mark Cerny Was Great


Marvel's Spider-Man came out last week and so far, the consensus of critics and gamers alike has been very positive. The title quickly became the fastest-selling recorded this year in the UK charts, and the latest Media Create sales chart confirmed that the game sold very well in Japan as well with 125K copies last week (about 2.5x more than God of War did when it launched).

That's even more impressive because Marvel's Spider-Man is only available on PlayStation 4, though that initially disappointed some fans who would have liked to see the game on other platforms as well and wondered why that wasn't the case.

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In the latest Kinda Funny Gamescast Special episode, Bryan Intihar (Creative Director on Marvel's Spider-Man at Insomniac Games) indirectly answered that question when he confirmed that the game wouldn't even exist without support from the PlayStation team at Sony and even PS4's System Architect Mark Cerny helped a great deal.

I want people to understand this game wouldn't exist if it wasn't for PlayStation. I know people talk about Marvel and talk about us, but this game does not exist if it's not for PlayStation and their support. I'm telling you, anytime I wanted to do something and I want to make a drastic change, it was like, 'Okay'. I never heard about anything, it was like 'Go do it!'. The question was 'Is it going to make the game better?' and I'd say, 'Yep', and they'd go, 'Okay', and that would be the last time I'd hear about it. For instance, I'd go 'This cutscene, I don't want to do it anymore' and Sony would go 'Well, we've spent all this money doing it' and I'd reply 'We can make this better', then they'd just say 'Then go for it'. As you guys know, the story was huge for us, it was really big, but sometimes you don't know if it's clicking until some of the stuff is created and to go in and talk about how we can make it better and be okay with making some modifications, and getting total support for it, was awesome.

I mean, people always talk about Marvel and Insomniac, which is awesome - you know how close I am with Bill (Rosemann, Executive Creative Director at Marvel Games), Mike (Jones, VP and Executive Producer at MG) and Eric (Monacelli, Senior Producer at MG), those are my boys. But I owe everything to PlayStation. I got to work with a lot of people at Sony. One person was Mark Cerny, who I was fortunate enough to get as a Producer on this game. Let me tell you, he's one of the smartest men I have ever met. If there's any development thing, he's faced it in many ways and to have someone like him who would push me, challenge me. He would ask questions and do it in a way that's actually helping you believe in what you want to do, figure out how you can do it, and in many ways when things were toughest I would ask Mark questions. He's so diverse, you can talk to him about level design, combat design, and of course he was talking to our tech team on how to push the weather visuals, the lighting... To have someone in your corner that you can go to any time and ask him questions is invaluable.

Have you been playing it and if so, what's your impression so far?

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