Spencer: Feedback Is Great Even When Negative; UWP Will Be Open, More Info at Build

Alessio Palumbo

There's a great commotion surrounding Microsoft's attempt to unify all of its devices (Windows Phone, Windows PC, Xbox One) under a large ecosystem called Universal Windows Platform. Epic Games' Founder Tim Sweeney spoke plainly against UWP today in a blog post featured on The Guardian's official website, and Head of Xbox Division Phil Spencer just replied in a series of tweets on the hot topic.

Spencer agrees that the Universal Windows Platform needs to be open and reckons that's what Microsoft is doing. He also said that feedback is great even when negative and Tim Sweeney is a friend who's just pushing for what he believes in; finally, more information on the future of the Universal Windows Platform will be revealed at the upcoming Build convention, scheduled for March 30-April 1 at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Let's hope that Microsoft is now seriously evaluating the feedback that multiple sources have directed at their new strategy. In the meantime, we'll be sure to report anything relevant to this industry spanning matter.

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