All the Need for Speed Districts Revealed, Ventura Bay is Looking Quite Large


EA and Ghost Games have just posted details surrounding all six of the different districts in Need for Speed that we'll be able to race across in Ventura Bay. There are wide open areas and even tight city streets that  you can explore, challenging yourself and your reaction times.

Take a look at all of the different areas below, complete with some gorgeous screenshots of the areas.

Ventura Bay looks mighty fine with a lot of variety for you to explore in Need for Speed


Burnwood is home to your garage, and the source of some of the best up and coming talent in the world of car culture. Downtown roads connect office and commercial buildings, while on the outskirts the industrial areas and railyard offer an alternative for those looking to take their build out away from the tight inner city layout.

To the North sits Los Sol, home of the iconic Los Sol Bridge, and Breckenholl, which offers a gateway to the beautiful Crescent Mountains.

Crescent Mountains


Situated above Burnwood sits Crescent Mountains. Starting at Buck Foothills, a place made famous by Buck Foothills View, long sweeping roads will take you deep into the mountains and give you spectacular views of the city below. Travel further North and you’ll find yourself in Granite Spring, home to both the Granite Spring Monument and the Crescent Mountains Bridge. For those feeling adventurous, exploring even further North will take you towards Weid Canyon and its Dam.

Of course, what goes up has to come back down, and with a series of sweeping roads trailing off below there’s no better place for those looking to shred some tires and earn some major Style REP.

Royal Park


Nestled in between Burnwood and South Port sits Royal Park. Despite being the primary residential zone in the city, it’s best known for its commercial district and towering buildings which can be seen for miles across Ventura Bay. Also to the West of Royal Park is GHOST Stadium, the perfect landmark for those looking to meet with their Crew before hitting the streets together.

Or take a drive eastbound and you’ll find yourself at the Lone Palm Village Mall, with roads southbound slingshotting around Arcadia Park before leading into South Port.

South Port

Looking to take advantage of some narrow roads? Head on over to South Port, the industrial hub of Ventura Bay. Dominated by the VB Petrochemical Company and the San Pedro Docks, it won’t be fronting any tourism campaigns for Ventura Bay, but it’s the perfect place for those looking to get away from the inner city streets and let off some steam.

With the Ventura Bay PD Headquarters in this part of town too it’s an Outlaw’s playground, with plenty of cops to mess with as you lead them on chases around South Port and beyond.

El Rey

Located in the far west of the city is El Rey, a largely mountainous area, with plenty to see providing you’re going slow enough to take in the view. There are two ways through El Rey; the freeway which runs along its Western coastline, perfect for those yearning to hit those top speeds, or up and across the mountain range through Sinner’s Peak.

El Rey Pier offers visitors a welcome place to park up and take a break before jumping on the freeway and making the drive across town. Don’t go too fast though, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for Castle Hill Falls.

Franklin Terrace

Head west over the South Port Bridge and you’ll find yourself in Franklin Terrace, where numerous tech companies such as BBA Industries have set up shop. Sweeping roads connect Apollo Heights and Harbor View, while good freeway connections to the North, South and West provide easy access to other areas of Ventura Bay.